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Olivier Caron-Mason
Olivier Caron-Mason

Born in Paris in 1959 into a multi-cultural family, I was a committed European well before it became necessary.

After an international education, including Maths then International Law in England, I developed business management skills in Chicago with a large US tour operator. Already, I was fascinated and motivated by intercultural mechanisms. 

I returned to France in the early ’90s to join a French conglomerate, Chargeurs SA. As Transport Director for France’s premier cruise line, Croisières Paquet, I managed operational centres around the world which meant that I had to listen and understand others’ modus operandi, within their context, to address our mutual operational imperatives.

Later, I co-founded and managed a tour-operating company in France, which, through radical marketing and management strategies, grew rapidly into a major player. We then sold the company to the world’s then 3rd biggest group in its category.

Finally, prior to my arrival at JPB Consulting, I was called as group Managing Director for one of France’s largest tour operators, with worldwide concerns and activities.

It is thanks to all these experiences that I developed a passion for the complexities of human exchanges, with a particular penchant for deciphering the origins and mechanisms of conflicts, with a view to resolving them. In order to further my understanding and develop practical conflict resolution techniques I attended and studied Dr Claude Sabbah’s psychobiology courses which provided a scientific framework by which to observe, analyse and decode the intangible world of emotions. His work and courses are based on the pioneering fundamental research of Dr Geerd Hamer.

Today, at JPB Consulting, my understanding of mental mechanics combined with my corporate experience are applied to develop effective cross-cultural communications tools with a view generating concrete customised management solutions for the resolution of conflicts. As we all know, conflicts hinder the potential and growth of corporations.

One of my favourite quotations is from Albert Einstein: « It’s easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice »